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TEGG 2020


Global Gathering

September 11 | Berlin

Speakers 2019

Dr Shermin Voshmgir

Director Cryptoeconomic Research Lab, WU Vienna

Shermin Voshmgir is the Author of the Book “Token Economy“ which has become a best seller in the first two weeks of its release. She is the director of the Research Institute for Cryptoconomics at the Vienna University of Economics, and the founder of BlockchainHub Berlin. In the past, she was a curator of TheDAO, and advisor to various startups like Jolocom, Wunder and the Estonian E-residency program. In addition to her studies at the Vienna University of Economics, she studied film and drama in Madrid. She is Austrian, with Iranian roots, and lives between Vienna and Berlin.

Twitter: @sherminvo

Dr Michael Zargham

Founder & CEO at BlockScience

Dr. Zargham holds a PhD in systems engineering from the University of Pennsylvania where he studied optimization and control of decentralized networks. His earliest work on peer-to-peer effects in business decision making was developing algorithms to reverse engineer the word of mouth effect in enterprise software licensing decisions in 2005.

In the intervening years, Dr. Zargham has designed data driven decision systems and built a data science team for a Media Technology firm. He has also worked on the mathematical specifications of blockchain enabled software systems with a focus on observability and controllability of the information state of the networks. Most recently, he founded BlockScience, an engineering, research, and analytics firm focused on design and analysis of complex networks.

Twitter: @mZargham

Dr Ben Livshits

Chief Scientist for Brave Software

Ben Livshits is Chief Scientist for Brave Software, the company behind the Brave browser, a fast, open source, privacy-focused browser that blocks intrusive ads and trackers. He is also an Associate Professor at Imperial College London and an affiliate professor at the University of Washington.

Previously, he was a research scientist at Microsoft Research. He received a bachelor’s degree from Cornell University in 1999, and his Ph.D. in Computer Science from Stanford University in 2006. Ben’s research interests include application of sophisticated static and dynamic analysis techniques to finding errors in programs. Ben has published papers at PLDI, POPL, Oakland Security, Usenix Security, CCS, SOSP, ICSE, FSE, and many other venues.
He is the author of over 100 academic papers, dozens of patents, and multiple tech transfer awards for bringing research into practice.

Twitter: @convoluted_code

Shruti Appiah

Research Lead, ConsenSys & Santa Fe Institute

Shruti Appiah pioneered the field of cryptoeconomics by conceptualizing and developing the first agent-based simulations of a DAO in 2016. Motivated by engineering ethics and scientific rigour, she created the token engineering design process, and led research for Token Utility Canvas. She has also built LSTM neural networks to forecast crypto markets. Previously, she founded decentralized identity strategy at Okta, manifesting in a $50M fund dedicated to blockchain identity products.

Today, Shruti is building the first blockchain artificial economy in a multi-agent learning system with the Santa Fe Institute. With this, she leverages the game-theoretic paradigms present in cryptoeconomies to uncover the human-inconceivable strategies of AI interacting on a blockchain. She also heads token engineering research at ConsenSys. Shruti is a Systems Design Engineer from the University of Waterloo, and has been recognized in Canada’s top 30 under 30.


Dr Jamsheed Shorish

Founder and CEO at Shorish Research 

Jamsheed Shorish is a computational economist, holding a PhD from the Tepper School of Business at Carnegie Mellon University. His work includes some of the earliest applications of neural networks to asset pricing and rational learning, complex systems analysis within the econophysics paradigm, and formal modeling of the (meta)stability of agent-based dynamic games. He has recently contributed to the literature on token valuation and cryptoeconomics and approaches the engineering of tokens from an incentive design perspective.

Dr Shorish is the CEO and founder of Shorish Research in Belgium, which provides consulting services specialising in Computational Business and disruptive fintech-related technological innovation. Shorish Research is a cooperative partner of the Research Institute for Cryptoeconomics in Vienna.

Twitter: @jshorish

Cassidy Daly

Token Design & Cryptoeconomic Research at Centrifuge

Cassidy Daly brings a strong foundation in economics to her current work on token economy design and engineering at Centrifuge. She holds a Master’s in International Finance from Columbia University where she also worked as a consultant for the Federal Reserve. Her passion for token design comes from its potential to re-imagine what an economy should look like from the ground up to better facilitate our needs as a global society.

Twitter: @cassidydaly

Jamie Burke

CEO and Founder of Outlier Ventures

Jamie is CEO of Outlier Ventures, Europe’s first blockchain venture fund, setup in 2013. Since then he has pioneered the convergence thesis that views blockchain as foundational to Deep Tech like AI, AR/VR, IoT and 3D printing scaling securely and eventually converging. As a global thought leader he assists a number of large corporations on how to invest in the space with an emphasis on Industry 4.0, Smart Cities & Mobility and is adviser to exciting startups IOTA and Hyperloop.

Twitter: @jamie247

Dr Nina-Luisa Siedler

Attorney at Law / DWF Germany Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft mbH

Nina-Luisa Siedler is partner at DWF, a technology-oriented global law firm, and head of the international Blockchain Competence Group. She focusses on the legal implication of blockchain/distributed ledger technology projects and assists her clients with the structuring of business cases with view to legal and regulatory compliance.
Nina-Luisa Siedler is active member of several associations and working groups (Blockchain Bundesverband, EU Blockchain Observatory & Forum) and on the board of thinkBLOCKtank asbl, IPDB Foundation and INATBA.

Twitter: @ninsie3
LinkedIn: Dr. Nina-Luisa Siedler

Dr Wassim Alsindi

MIT Media Lab’s Digital Currency Initiative,
Research Director at Parallel Industries

Wassim is working on a new journal and conference series for cryptocurrency & blockchain technology research in collaboration between the Digital Currency Initiative and the MIT Press. Our goal is to bring together the technical fields of cryptography, protocol engineering and distributed systems research with epistemic, phenomenological and ontological insights from the domains of economics, law, complex systems and philosophy to crystallise a mature scholarly ecosystem.

Prior to joining the DCI, Wassim conducted and managed academic research in the physical sciences, curated avant-garde arts events, and published open-source experimental electronic music. More recently he was a researcher at independent British laboratory Parallel Industries, using the lenses of astronomy, taxonomy and spectroscopy to formulate novel approaches to the characterisation of cryptographic assets and networks.

Twitter: @parallelind

Sebnem Rusitschka

Founder Freeelio, CTO EnergiMine

Sebnem Rusitschka started her career as a computer scientist specializing in peer-to-peer networks at Siemens in 2006. The application domain was mainly in Energy Management, for existing energy automation products & services. In 2016 Sebnem founded Freeelio as a free innovation collective to understand the paradigm shift of tokenizing real world assets such as decentralized energy resources.

In June 2017 Freeelio became a founding member of German Blockchain Association, in which Sebnem leads the Energy and Token Economy committees. During this time, she has started to work in networks of peers and organizations in a decentralized manner to create the free Digital Energy Assets framework. Electraseed Fund is the first spinoff that pools Digital Energy Assets from Global South and Global North, funded by the European Ledger Program for human-centric solutions.

Sebnem recently joined forces with EnergiMine to build “The NASDAQ of Digital Energy Assets” together with an international team of experts at EnergiMine in digital assets, energy trading, exchanges, and AI.

Twitter: @sebnem

Richard Muirhead

Managing Partner at Fabric Ventures

Fabric is a VC fund adapting the early, technical, and patient approach of venture capital to investing in Web 3.0 and decentralised data networks. Backed by OpenOcean (a leading European fund focusing on “delicious” and data-intensive software at Series A) and Firestartr (a seed stage investment platform), Fabric invested in projects including Polkadot, Ocean Protocol, Orchid, Casa, zeppelin_os, and Keep.
Combining a pedigree in open source, developer-oriented tools, and early stage venture investing with blockchain focus since 2013, Richard has made personally and/or led via a fund include Pantera Venture Fund, Bitstamp, Bitrise, and Citymapper. Richard was previously a 3x software entrepreneur, building/ scaling Automic (CA), Tideway (BMC), and Orchestream (Oracle) – reaching a cumulative market cap of $2.2bn.

Dr Dimitri De Jonghe

Co-Founder, Head of Product/Research at Ocean Protocol

Dimitri De Jonghe is a cross-domain protocol researcher. After finishing his PhD on micro-electronics and machine learning, he co-founded a series of blockchain startups: ascribe (power to creators) and BigchainDB (a blockchain database), and Ocean Protocol (a public network for data and AI marketplaces). Currently, Dimitri is heading research at Ocean Protocol on public intelligence networks. He is also a co-chair of the W3C Interledger community, a blockchain interoperability protocol.

Twitter: @dimitridejonghe

Erick Zhang

Managing Director at Binance

Erick works at Binance Research, providing professional, data-driven analysis for investors in the crypto space with the mission to increase transparency and improve the quality of information in the crypto ecosystem.
Binance Research helps investors gain a comprehensive understanding of cryptocurrency projects by providing market insights, macro trends and regulatory developments in the industry. Prior to Binance, he had several years of experience in banking, investment and big data analytics. He received a bachelor’s degree from University of Macau and his MSc degree from Carnegie Mellon University.

Twitter: @erickzhang0

Paul Kohlhaas

Founder, CEO at Molecule Protocol

Paul is an entrepreneur and economist with a passion for open source utility networks. A profound passion for pharmaceutical innovation led him to found Molecule, a networked marketplace that enables the distributed R&D and funding of new chemical intellectual property. His research centers around the use of token engineering and autonomous market design to design novel incentive and legal structures that drive open source collaboration. He previously graduated in economics and politics from the University of St. Gallen, co-founded Linum Labs, a blockchain architecture studio and worked 1.5 years at ConsenSys, uPort, pioneering early real-world implementations in digital identity.

Twitter: @paulkhls

Caleb Sheridan

Co-founder, Blocklytics

Caleb Sheridan is a former product owner at PokerStars. In January 2019, Caleb co-founded Blocklytics, which helps empower cryptocurrency and blockchain teams with data. Caleb brings his experience using data to design, manage and grow real money, peer-to-peer games to cryptoeconomic systems.

Twitter: @calebsheridan

Krzysztof Paruch

Token Engineer and Cryptoeconomist at the Research Lab for Cryptoeconomics, WU Vienna

The profile of Krzysztof Paruch comprises all the essential building blocks of cryptoeconomics. He laid his academic fundament as an MSc in technical-economic Mathematics at the University of Technology in Vienna. His specializations are agent-based economic modeling, game theory and optimization methods as well as monetary and environmental policy economics. With five years working experience in banking and software integration he understands the financial and regulatory background at the intersection of real-world and cryptocurrency economics. His focus at the Research Institute for Cryptoeconomics at WU Vienna is the development of standards for token engineering, creation of network design and incentive mechanism structures and valuation and modelling of cryptoassets.

Twitter: @paruch1

Jeff Emmett

Researcher Token Engineering at Commons Stack

Jeff is a researcher of token engineering, and a communicator for the Commons Stack. He would love to see novel market mechanisms enabling global cooperation to address the world’s biggest problems. The Commons Stack is an open source development project, building infrastructure for the sustainable funding and management of community-driven economies. Jeff graduated from the University of Waterloo in Electrical Engineering, and is the author of the post ‘Rewriting the Story of Human Collaboration‘.

Twitter: @jeffemmett

Jason Teutsch

Founder at Truebit

Jason Teutsch is a mathematician and computer scientist whose research background includes distributed systems theory, game theory, and algorithmic randomness. He has held postdoctoral positions at National University of Singapore, Penn State, and Universität Heidelberg, research positions at think tanks RAND and IDA, and multiple Fulbright fellowships.

Token Model:

Marvin Kruse

Co-Founder and CTO at ditCraft

Marvin is co-founder and CTO of ditCraft, a project striving to decentralize, incentivize and democratize the governance of software development through the power of DAOs. He is an experienced software engineer with a strong background on the theory and practice of contemporary cryptography and blockchain technologies.
Being a blockchain developer and part of the Ethereum community for multiple years, he has a broad experience with the implementation and application of various token models, token curated registries, commit-reveal-based voting schemes and DAOs.

Twitter Handle: @pseudornd

Jarrad Hope

Co-Founder & CEO at Status

Jarrad is the Co-Founder of Status, an open source mobile client for the Ethereum Network that aims to enable secure and private communication through a decentralized messenger, web3 browser, and crypto wallet. Status also aims to drive the mass adoption of distributed technology through infrastructure R&D and developer tooling.

Jarrad has been involved in the Blockchain technology space since 2010, and has been an active contributor to Ethereum since its inception. He possesses a strong vision to leverage the cutting edge technology of Blockchain, as well as employ crypto-economics in our society’s future, with a higher goal of pushing the movement of ‘libre software’ forward.

Jarrad established the Ethereum Amsterdam Meetup, which now has hundreds of members organizing and taking parts in its events. Jarrad has also been an active contributor to OpenNARS an academic general-purpose AI project. Prior to Status, he founded several successful startups, primarily around software distribution.

Twitter: @jarradhope

Axel von Goldbeck

Partner at DWF Germany Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft mbH

Axel von Goldbeck has advised on corporate/M&A and corporate finance matters until he developed a focus on structuring and restructuring direct and indirect real estate investments that are now regulated by the AIFMD. In this context he advises national and international real estate companies and investors.

He is now engaged with forming and advising digital business models in the real estate sector. The deep market insight he received during his appointment as managing director of the German Property Association, the most eminent real estate trade association in Germany, helps him to profoundly understand the commercial as well as the legal aspects of real estate and real estate investment. His recent focus in this context is asset tokenization, security token offerings and the regulatory framework in which such offerings take place nationally and internationally.

LinkedIn: Axel von Goldbeck

Cory Levinson

Independent Researcher / Clovers.Network

Cory Levinson is an independent researcher, software developer, and data scientist. He is an active contributor to various projects in the blockchain and peer-to-peer technology space, having worked with Oscoin, Secure Scuttlebutt, and more recently Clovers.Network.

Previously he was a data analyst, and later, PM for the data infrastructure team at SoundCloud for 5+ years. In 2017 while at Strelka Institute in Moscow he started actively researching in the blockchain space, where he led development for the speculative peer-to-peer energy project Phi. Since then, he has been working independently and as a consultant with projects across the decentralized space. With Clovers, Cory led network analysis for the project’s token economics research using BlockScience’s cadCAD framework for designing, testing and validating complex systems through simulation.

Clovers.Network is an Ethereum based project developed by Billy Rennekamp and Bin Studio with support from The Ethereum Community Fund, Fundacion Escultar Berrocal, Pioneer Works and L4. It is part game, part artwork and part workshop for some of the most exciting concepts within the Blockchain space: NFTs, Bonding Curves & Proof-of-Search among others. The initial reward pool is funded by $10,000 worth of Ether that is redeemable with the in-game currency, Clover Coin, via Bonding Curve in the app. Learn more about the project by visiting Clovers in the Crtyptoeconomic Lab of EthBerlin from August 23rd til August 25th where 3D prints of Clovers will be exhibited and generated in real time.

Twitter: @kohwi

Jonathan Gabler

Director EMEA & APAC at BlockScience

Jonathan Gabler leads BlockScience‘s business operations in Europe and Asia. He is passionate about the vision of Web 3 and as the Founder of Swiss Blockchain Think Tank Crypto Valley Society and Co-Founder of the University of St. Gallen Alumni Blockchain Club actively helps to build the Swiss «Crypto Valley» community.
In previous roles, he worked as a McKinsey consultant, lead the development of the first game-based Autism detection medical device as CEO of AI company Harimata, and served on the Board of Directors of Swiss Smart Metering Pioneer GWF. He holds a Master in Strategy and International Management from the University of St. Gallen.


Angela Kreitenweis

Host TEGG 2019, Co-Founder Token Engineering Global Community

Angela is an expert in developing ecosystems and building networks for innovation. From 2016 to 2018 she established venture development and startup investments for innogy Innovation Hub Berlin. For several years she worked for corporate and startup clients developing and validating new business models and services in various industries (e.g. mobility, SaaS, e-commerce, travel, health, B2B and B2C).
In 2018 Angela co-founded Token Engineering Berlin meetups, which have quickly grown to a global movement with 17 groups in 13 counties. With her company conectopia she’s organizer of TEGG 2019, founding member of BerChain and inventor and co-creator of a range of other network activities in the blockchain and AI sector.

Twitter: @akrtws